Dail Paramore

Dail Paramore joined the board of directors in 2015 as the treasurer. She is a native of Michigan where she received her B.S. Degree in Business Education from Eastern Michigan University.

Prior to her retirement in 2004, Dail taught five (5) years in Jackson, MI and 30½ years in Los Angeles, CA. She has volunteered in organizations whose focus has been and continues to be fundraising for college scholarships. These organizations include: The scholarship committee at Banning High School in Wilmington CA; The Delta Kappa Gamma Society in Los Angeles and Palm Springs where she served as both president and 2nd vice president respectively; The Desert Hot Springs Woman’s Club where she now serves as Chairperson for the Scholarship Committee and has done so for 4 years; and the STAR program at the Crenshaw Church of Christ, in LA, where she served as co-chairperson. In addition to these activities, she currently reads weekly to four and five year old students which she has done for the past 3 years. She reads at a Desert Hot Springs elementary school.

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